Because a picture says a thousand words…

We performed a test with some freshly cut roses, at the office and under the supervision of Maître Patrick Weibel, judicial officer in Mulhouse. He bought six roses and put three of them in a bottle of VELLEMINFROY water and the other three in a bottle containing tap water. The flowers were not moved and the water was not changed. After 11 days, as you can see, the roses in the Velleminfroy were still looking fresh and beautiful, whereas those in the tap water were wilted and withered.
The rich mineral content of Velleminfroy water (calcium and magnesium), combined with its natural purity, gives it remarkable properties. The absence of nitrates or other contaminants testifies to the quality of the environment around the Spring, but also the exceptional quality of the subsoil. Velleminfroy water is guaranteed free of nitrates and contains no traces of medicines or plastic microparticles!
Taken in regular “cures” Velleminfroy mineral water ideally complements a balanced diet. As well good as providing good hydration, it helps to keep your body topped up with the minerals it needs to do its job well!